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  When cottagers or home owners decide to build, most often wood is the material of choice.  Dampness, mould and insect invasion  are all enemies of wood, and Bill found that most contractors merely treated wood with a coat of oil-based paint or stain, and walked away feeling the job was complete. Owners however soon realized that the paint was peeling and fading, insects were boring into the logs of their homes, or stain was losing it's colour.  Prepared Surfaces is a fully insured outfit that specializes in the preparation of surfaces, for the staining and painting of cottages, homes and industrial buildings.  
Many cottage and home owners sooner or later opt for re-staining and/or painting, and that's the time to call Prepared Surfaces. Our well-trained crew use a variety of methods to properly prepare wooden surfaces, from hand-sanding and scraping, to glass blasting.  We use glass almost exclusively, it's better than sand due to the moisture resistance.  Additionally, glass is silica free, and therefore more environmentally friendly. 
Log homes are a living breathing entity.  With our huge changes in temperature, any wood contracts and expands, but it also needs to breath.  For that reason, Prepared Surfaces uses top quality water soluble stains on log homes.  Water based stains let the logs breath. Moisture, expansion and contraction are also the culprits in creating crumbling, or gaps in the chinking between logs.  We can remove the old chinking and replace it for you.
Prepare Surfaces uses only top quality paints and stains for greater durability.  Paints and stains should have high pigmentation to combat the elements.  There's less colour fade, flaking and peeling. With many inferior quality paints and stains, pigmentation is too low. We guarantee our own finish coats, if we've done the prep, with the exception of decks, which have to be constantly maintained regardless of the preparation or finished surface.
"The work and professionalism were beyond our expectations. Thank you Bill & crew for a great job!"
Greg and Jo-Ann Wickware Sugar Island, Gull Lake
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For 13 years log home owners and owners of other wood structures have looked to Prepared Surfaces, as the leader in the field, to prepare their homes properly before the finishing coat is applied.  Prepared Surfaces will work with owners and contractors to prepare the surface, but we also specialize in applying finishing coats to projects which we've prepared ourselves. 
 "We are truly dedicated to our customers.  We will always tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear, and in the log run you'll be better off, because you'll be saving on maintenance costs down the road.  With Prepared Surfaces you not only get excellent preparation, but also efficient clean-up.  We will always respect you and your home.  Our staff will ensure all excess glass and paint scrapings are blown away or removed, and windows are cleaned and left looking like new. "   -- Bill Withey, owner  
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