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  When cottagers or home owners decide to build, most often wood is the material of choice.  Dampness, mould and insect invasion  are all enemies of wood, and Bill found that most contractors merely treated wood with a coat of oil-based paint or stain, and walked away feeling the job was complete. Owners however soon realized that the paint was peeling and fading, insects were boring into the logs of their homes, or stain was losing it's colour.  Prepared Surfaces is a fully insured outfit that specializes in the preparation of surfaces, for the staining and painting of cottages, homes and industrial buildings.  
Prepare Surfaces uses only top quality paints and stains for greater durability.  Paints and stains should have high pigmentation to combat the elements.  There's less colour fade, flaking and peeling. With many inferior quality paints and stains, pigmentation is too low. We guarantee our own finish coats, if we've done the prep, with the exception of decks, which have to be constantly maintained regardless of the preparation or finished surface.

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